Participant Recruitment

Successful Recruitment & Study Enrolment.

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Our recruitment model is based on a sound understanding of clinical care, current protocol design, and many years’ experience in patient outreach and engagement.

Using the latest digital marketing methods and analytics we can engage with and attract potential participants for each clinical trial cost-effectively and within project timelines.

Additionally, our recruitment service can support larger scale TV campaigns providing rapid start up when timelines dictate.

Our recruitment strategy includes:

A clinical, marketing, and recruitment team approach to target the key demographic

Collaborative discussions with our Sponsors on clinical and project insights

Novel and engaging methods of inviting participation, providing information in an appealing and targeted manner

Bespoke, ethically approved online landing page and survey focused to filter the key eligibility criteria in the early recruitment stages

Clinical team engagement with potential participants focused on those who remain eligible

An appointment scheduling system focused on our study participants work / daily life commitments

Ensuring every participant remains engaged and encouraged to continue on their clinical trial path through to their final study visit.

A continual review and assessment of recruitment metrics with the option to reduce, increase or modify methods as recruitment progresses

How We Recruit

Intelligent Clinical uses a wide range of social media and online advertising to support our recruitment strategy.

Advertising is targeted to a large-scale audience focusing on the key demographics such as location, age, gender, interest groups. Alongside, we can augment this successful route with direct contact via our internal database, use of our General Practitioner referral route, TV, radio and print advertising as well as interest groups and our extensive clinical network.

Ways We Recruit

At Intelligent Clinical we know the success of any project is centred around a high level of public interest, engaging and supporting their participation.

Targeted digital advertising

Targeted advertising is a cost-effective and successful method of engaging with potential study participants.

Metrics are monitored daily to optimise our reach within the community.

Local Media Advertising

For larger studies and specific demographics we can run local radio advertising to help boost recruitment.


Local TV advertising can be used for larger studies where rapid start-up is required.

Print Media

Print advertising in local media and newspapers can be used to reach specific demographics that are less likely to use the internet or social media.

Primary Care Referral

We have a GP referral network to support referral of participants based on specific indication searches.

Refer a Friend

Our aim is to ensure our participants have a good experience with us so they won’t think twice about recommending us to friends and family for future trials.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is a powerful tool and by ensuring our participants have a positive and supportive experience with us increases the potential of positive word of mouth.

Progress your Clinical Research