About Intelligent Clinical

Intelligent Clinical is a clinical research facility based in Glasgow, UK. Our highly experience team has a proven track record in meeting the required standards of any clinical trial.

A wealth of clinical and scientific expertise

Intelligent Clinical is part of the MAC Research Group. We have a wealth of clinical and scientific expertise within the group to support your product development from pre-clinical through to marketing.

Intelligent Clinical understands the need to adapt along with our study participants especially in the world they are now living in.  We can readily harmonise our procedures around sponsors innovative strategies for home visits, remote clinical assessment, and the use of web-based tools while continuing to provide a high level of quality in our study conduct.

Our Services

Intelligent clinical has a modern, well equipped clinical research facility in an easily accessible area of Glasgow. Our experienced team of health care professionals have a proven track record of meeting the required standards of any clinical trial.

Recruitment strategy

We provide a considered approach to feasibility enquiries, ensuring our recruitment strategy and clinical feedback is of value in the vital start-up phase and throughout our discussions.


We support and work in partnership to ensure any project strategy prioritises recruitment and  retention measures and provides the standards expected from a centre of excellence.

Investigator Site

As an investigator site our aim is to provide a consistent and safe approach to study conduct from site activation through to close out, ensuring a seamless progression to your next phase of development.   

Our Team of Specialists

Our team of recruitment, marketing, and regulatory specialists as well as our clinical professionals will always work with the project goals and timelines as their priority.

100% focused on success

We understand that timelines and project goals can change but with a team 100% focused on the success of the clinical trial we are able to adapt and help shape  any changes with speed and efficiency.

Easily Modified

The services we provide within our clinical research facility can easily be modified and diverted to home study visits at short notice as required to meet your project needs.   

Our Expertise

Intelligent Clinical understands how vital the key factors of patient recruitment, quality data collection, time management and cost efficiency can be to the success of any clinical trial.

Our clinical and industry expertise ensures these factors are at the forefront of every decision as we support you through to the next phase of development.  Within the core values of our team are your project goals and ensuring these are safeguarded.  Clinical trials conducted within our research facility will receive individualised care and attention just as our study participants do.

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