Clinical Research Facility

Purpose built state-of-the-art Clinical Research Facility.

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Our Facilities

Our clinical research facility is located within a large city centre of Glasgow providing easy transport access for our local community.  Within the wider Glasgow area, we have access to a population of > 1million potential study participants.

Our facilities include:

Waiting Area

Comfortable, well-equipped, and welcoming waiting area

Clinical Rooms

Fully equipped clinical rooms designed to Health Improvement Scotland standards (HIS) providing comfort, privacy, and a reassuring level of care to study participants

Product storage

Investigational Product storage facility (Secure, restricted access, air-conditioned, and temperature controlled) and includes ambient and refrigerated product storage

Laboratory Sample Processing & Storage

Spacious laboratory sample processing and storage area and clinical / study supplies store.

  • 2-8 0C sample storage
  • -20 0C sample storage
  • -80 0C sample storage

Emergency Resuscitation Equipment

Emergency resuscitation equipment meeting UK Resuscitation Council standards

Sample and Investigational Product Storage

Sample and IP storage facilities centrally monitored with in-built alert notifications

Document & Investigator Site File Storage

Secure source document and Investigator Site File storage (secure, restricted access, air-conditioned)

Equipment Maintenance Management System

Equipment maintenance management system ensuring continually monitoring of equipment, training, calibration and maintenance schedule

CRA Meeting Rooms

Private, air-conditioned CRA meeting rooms with internet and telephone access allowing space to monitor in comfort

Meeting Rooms

Spacious meeting room facilities

Clinical Investigations

Intelligent Clinical partners with local service providers for a wealth of diagnostic and clinical support.

This includes:

Rapid access to study participants medical history

Safety laboratory services

Imaging (e.g. X-ray, Mammogram, MRI, CT etc.)

Diagnostic services (e.g. Echo, Endoscopy, Ultrasound, Skin biopsy etc.)

Our Focus

The Niche CRO Group (Intelligent Clinical & HistologiX) has a well established reputation within the scientific and research community.

From that solid foundation we can provide a wealth of expertise in a broad range of therapeutic indications where clinical care is focused within the community.

Our focus is on the delivery of clinical expertise, well thought out and achievable recruitment strategies, high standards assigned to all study conduct, and the provision of a team approach to every aspect of our service.


Providing a thorough, well thought out feasibility response which will provide a clear outline of our recruitment and clinical capabilities is vital to the success of any project we participate in.

Our team focus on contingency planning in the start-up phase ensures we reduce the need for costly protocol amendments and project delays.

To ensure this level of input we coordinate a team approach to any feasibility enquiry. Providing input on the key clinical and protocol considerations, recruitment strategy and associated timelines.  This approach will ensure your key questions are addressed and timelines met.

Clinical Trial Software Development Support

The team at Intelligent Clinical can support the rigorous testing phase of your clinical trial management and electronic data capture systems, quality of life phone/tablet applications, as well as many other online clinical research management tools.

Testing of clinical trial software is an essential step to prepare for the clinical research study to go live. The testing is conducted to confirm the behaviour of the software, data capture, functionality, and workflows and identify any flaws in the software.

Our team can vigorously test your clinical trial software in real-life scenarios and to your chosen SOP, protocol, or Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines. With acute attention to detail, we work with sponsors to ensure each assessment is carried out and evidence and data is logged accurately and consistently.

Additionally, we have access to an extensive database of potential study participants, who we can ask to complete a survey to provide insights into how these applications might translate into a typical patient’s daily life.

Progress your Clinical Research